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My Homemade CNC machine.

homemade CNC

My CNC Machine is made from various office machines, aluminum stock and was designed for machining foam. It had a sewing machine motor until an early version of Turbocnc v4 drove the z axis down into the table. I stopped the project and quickly designed a motor mount for the dremel. The sewing machine motor was grinding and smoking as it cut out the new motor mount. It quit at the very end leaving me with a small amount of hand finishing and only one chance to cast it right. I put sprues and runners all over that thing, very excessive but it worked.

machine and laptop

Picture of the machine and foam after a 14 hr run. This piece had many alignment flaws. I couldn't find any problems with the machine so I slowed it down and ran another one. Still had flaws but less pronounced. Then I changed the post processor from radius to IJK values, ran another at full speed and it turned out perfect.

machining oak

Recessing the hanging hardware on the oak tavern plaque.


time lapse video

This is a time lapse video captured at 1 fps. The machine is working on a surface contour toolpath. My goal is to make my next machine this fast.

Video WMV9 663kb MOV 609kb MPG1 743kb

super high speed video

Also time lapse but sped up 4 times. No way I could make the machine go this fast.

Video WMV9 1.00mb MOV 1.23 mb MPG1 1.42mb


Turbocnc by DAK Engineering is highly recommended.

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